Take off & land on the deck of our specially designed winchboat for a safe ride! 

The Chute ‘Em Up is a “winchboat”. A winchboat employs what is literally “state of the art” technology. During the parasail process you will not have to run on the beach to take off. You will not be lifted from another boat or platform. Consequently, it is unlikely that you will ever see a winchboat parasail boat on “America’s Funniest ( most painful ) Home Videos”. With winchboat technology you can even fly up to 3 persons at a time. This is great for flying mom, dad, and kid together.

When it is your turn to parasail, your crewman will assist you to the flight deck where you will be attached with a very strong and safe harness. You may gaze upward and see the already inflated “chute” overhead. You will be directed to simply sit down and relax. Then the fun begins.

The Captain will accellerate the boat and as he does he will reel out your towline from a hydraulic winch ( hence the name “winchboat” ). Suddenly you’ll feel like gravity, not unlike you, went on vacation, as you begin to be drawn skyward due to the accelleration of the boat and the lengthening line. As you go higher and higher, your surroundings begin to get quieter and quieter as well as smaller and smaller.

If you want him to, the Captain will “dip” you a bit as he prepares to bring you back to the flight deck. The dipping is done with complete control. The Captain can dip just your feet into the Gulf or up to your waist. It’s a fun way to wind up your flight.

A few seconds later you will find that the landing on the flight deck is every bit as soft and easy as your liftoff was. You will climb down off the flightdeck with an overwhelming desire to do it again!